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CERASORB® Ortho Foam

curasan provides you with wide variety of bone grafting options, including our newest form of CERASORB Ortho Foam, CERASORB Ortho Flex Foam Stip XL. 

CERASORB Ortho Flexible Foam XL - the advanced solution for critical orthopedic indications and high volume defects. 

This B-TCP and collagen based synthetic provides great handling options and clinical data, ranging from pre-clinical animal studies to human case studies and prospective study data from peer-reviewed publications. 


  • Moldable Putty and Flex Strip: Available in the United States.  
  • Looking for published data?   We have several studies, among them:  pre-clinical animal study demonstrating "advantageous surgical handling properties and facilitated excellent bone regeneration and repair of the critical size defects" (Lopez-Heredia et al,  Bioceramics 26 Key Engineering Materials Vol 631 (2015): 426-429.)
  • Human Data includes case studies as well as a Prospective Trial covering multiple orthopedic indications with patient follow up at 12 months.  (Breil-Wirth, etc al, Application  of CERASORB Foam in Orthopaedics--a Prospective Trial, OUP, 2014; 10: 608-6015.)
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