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CERASORB® Ortho Foam

Looking for a new option for synthetic bone grafts?

CERASORB® Ortho Foam (available in Moldable Putty and coming soon in Flexible Strip) may be the answer.  

This B-TCP and collagen based synthetic provides great handling options and clinical data, ranging from pre-clinical animal studies to human case studies and prospective study data from peer-reviewed publications. 

Interested? :

  • Moldable Putty: NOW available in the United States.  
  • Looking for published data?   We have several studies, among them:   pre-clinical animal study demonstrating "advantageous surgical handling properties and faciliated excellent bone regeneration and repair of the critical size defects" (Lopez-Heredia et al,  Bioceramics 26 Key Engineering Materials Vol 631 (2015): 426-429.)
  • Human Data includes case studies as well as a Prospective Trial covering multiple orthopedic indications with patient follow up at 12 months.  (Brewil-Wirth, etc al, Application  of CERASORB Foam in Orthopaedics--a Prospective Trial, OUP, 2014; 10: 608-6015.)
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